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For the Occasional Offices, please see the links below:


First, third, and fourth Sunday

The Parish Eucharist on Sundays at 11.15 am uses material from Common Worship. Also known as the Mass, Holy Communion and The Lord's Supper, this is the principle service of the week. Parts of the service are sung by the choir and congregation, as well as a number of hymns. Bible readings, a brief address and prayers for the wider world prepare us for receiving the body and blood of Christ at the altar.

The word Eucharist means ‘Thanksgiving’, and in this central act of Christian worship, we receive the gifts of God, bringing our joys and our thanksgivings, our sorrows and our doubts, and renew our to serve others in the name of Christ.


Second Sunday

On the second Sunday of each month, we have a more informal service and our music is sometimes led by the church band. There is a bible reading, and a talk or activity which seeks to engage people of all ages.


Fifth Sunday

On the fifth Sunday of each month, when it occurs, we have a said service of morning prayer with hymns.

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